Scandal and Betrayal: The Story of How Twitter Started

In this video, we explore the story of how Twitter, one of the world’s biggest online companies was founded. It’s a twisting tale of scandal and betrayal.

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  1. This is so freaking sad! How could they betray his mate like that! He is deserving of every cent that company makes! I’m surprised he hasn’t taken legal action! This proves that sometimes you really can’t trust your closest friends or even family when it comes to $$$ …poor Noah! Divorce… being sacked… the betrayal. That’s a hard hit! Hope he didn’t commit suicide 🙁 that would be heartbreaking. I bet Noah’s wife kicks herself today!

  2. Am a firm believer in DO IT YOURSELF> screw partnerships. Not having any of it. Blaze your own trail. This Hivemind Silicon Valley BS that you need partners. Just blindsides everyone.

  3. Why were two drunk people in a car — and why does no one comment on that? Does everyone accept this obvious lawbreaking because so many do it so often?

  4. Quite a inside info
    .. a idea a passion a betrayal and much more by the time… greed money and the list is endless..

  5. They could always donate to Glass that they feel in their hearts belong to him. Every other donations is lost money.

  6. 4 mins in …it wasn't a coup….he was a employee who did what he was PAID for…dont care if he solved world hunger,it was his Job.Should hav copywrited or documented.


  8. Business is successful or not depending deeply on how leaders run the company. This is not true as Twitter probably already dead if Jack Dorsey is not running it today. Just like how Tesla survive when Elon run Tesla at the brink of bankruptcy and Mark claimed otherwise.

  9. You know am not surprised, Facebook was also built on betrayal. Hell a lot of the top unicorns and tech firms were built on some form of betrayal. This is why it is important nowadays to be careful with what you sign and what you share with others regardless of whether you trust them or not. People change, as do feelings, plus they say money is the root of all evil.

  10. A story like this makes me wish I was born 20 years before I was, so I could have been part of the wild west that was the web 2.0. Tech today is a boring hellscape full of corporatism and a lack of innovation.

  11. So a company that makes money on spreading misinformation and empowering demigods has a bad beginning?shocker

  12. Twitter is still full of backstabbing, hate breeding, nasty virtual pretenders were scumbags hang out. Jack Glass was just the trial run to demonstrate how it all works.

  13. Can we get a video comparison on rooh afza brand with its (Indian version , Pakistani version and Bangladeshi version) , its origin story , how all the three work separately and independently, taste comparison , since when did India ban Pakistani versions import , bcoz Ter are so many lies around its origins.

  14. Twitter is the worst "social" media
    It's just people without arguments insulting other people just for fun

  15. Jack Dorsey is a phony, backstabbing, asshole masked as an altruistic dude who is generous. Truth hurts?

  16. Welp most likely the dude thought they needed a sacrifice or something. Ya know lol. That's probably what the dude was thinking.

  17. This is nothing new.. the same happend with Microsoft and Facebook.. there is one person who is completely absorbed with the BIG IDEA but he cannot / does not focus on the business end of things. Noah will be remembered but an idea is bigger than the person who starts it. At the core of our OWN being there is always mom's egg and dad's sperm, isn't? So what, if the person who actually did the fathering was someone else..??

  18. Of course he knew of he would not have forked over 5m. Duh. What a shitbird. I hope he gets what he deserves.

  19. The appeal of real time news is negated by having to wade through a malodorous dumpster fire to get it. Virtual knife fights seem to have been their business model from day one, so all their subscribers are just following suit. Screeching harpies engaged in self serving manipulation of others.

  20. Sooo Jack had idea for Twitter. Told it to Noah. Noah presented the idea as his and became the leader of the project even though Jack did all the coding. Then Noah wanted to to make Twitter separe company, just to make himself CEO and make more money. Jack (the creator of Twitter) didn't like that and said he would quit if that happen. Owner did the smart thing and kicked Noah and made Jack (the original creator of the idea) CEO. Somehow I fail to see how Jack is the bad guy or how Noah was treated badly.

  21. I see Noah Glass still very relevant and important to certain people. When I searched his name online, I found a Wikipedia page dedicated to him, pointing out as one that help launched Twitter and his podcast company that was closed right from one Google search. There an article that says Noah is helping restaurant with challenges off premise dining and right from the photo of him, I see life could be going good for software developer. So, he's not completely gone from the internet and I wish best luck to him
    Here's a link to the article: "Olo CEO Noah Glass guides restaurants through challenges"

  22. I'm willing to bet Jack did what he did because it was his idea and he wanted to take the helm. Either way dude is a coward for not voicing any grievances and just went on smiling pretending to be his friend.

  23. That's why I have huge wall of steel build around me. Upside, no betrayal, no backstabbing, downside is loneliness

  24. I also would like to know Jack and Evan perspective. You should make this with all views in mind, more impartial and less noah's view. I feel like there is more to tell about this story.

  25. A common story of group power dynamics. It's nice to think that the inverter can run the company. But the biggest amoral, calculating shark will grab the reins of power. Some will see thus clearly and help, hoping for a piece of the pie themselves. Others will not know what happened as it's "just a job." To the perceptive, opportunities will float by, but are you ruthless enough, to take them only for yourself? People will be hurt by this.. Can you lie, cheat and steal to win the billions, no matter who you throw under the bus? It is the common corporate wealth story of our times.

  26. In your next video please shed light on PM Modi, His lies and hidden agenda behind dividing India.

  27. When it comes to business never underestimate your employees or competitions ulterior motives especially if their acting noble or magnanimous.

  28. In other news, twitter the most useless thing ever created, it allows every tard with an opinion to have oral diarrhea every second of ever day.

  29. I really think this video is missing an important piece of the puzzle, that of Noah Glass's character. I'm guessing it wasn't very good since his wife was divorcing him. Williams & Dorsey would've lost little keeping him around, yet they chose to give him the boot. Something's not right about Noah….

  30. Never had a Twit……This insured I never will. I have no Instagram or Facebook too. Now if only I could break Youtube's chains of bondage LOL

  31. Theres a common trait of all these huge companies….the guy at the top screwing ppl over.
    When a normal person wins the 600 million powerball with 2 friends, they think, sweet, 200 mill!
    But these CEOs think…hmm…how can i screw my 2 friends out of the other 400 mill?

  32. I don’t bother with Twitter. It’s just unfiltered propaganda, and the heads of Twitter themselves are propagandists.

  33. A sad and insightful tale into the ruthless nature of business and greed. Shoutout to Noah for building something so impactful.

  34. the fact still remains that
    1. Jack Dorsey still came up with the idea
    2. Jack Dorsey coded the whole thing from scratch
    3. Jack Dorsey maintained his baby and grew it into an empire
    4. Jack Dorsey had the vision to guide it to what it has become today

    Not sure what Noah did to get sacked though maybe that should be looked into can you find out and create a part two vid!!!

  35. The behind the scene sad story how big tech company was started i.e. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter. How Steve Jobs got fired by the company he co-founded but at least he didn't give up. I hope Noah Glass still has some fights left within himself. Steve Job started Pixar when out of Apple.

  36. Why doesn't Noah start something else?! He's obviously talented. Let him look for something new. The sky is the limit

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