Reversing Ageing: New Studies Show it Can be Done

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A ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Pill? Sure, If You’re A Mouse.

Reversing Age-Related Vision Loss Using Cellular Reprogramming

The first U.S. trials in people put CRISPR to the test in 2019

10 Unusual Applications of CRISPR Gene Editing


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  1. Question. At what age should you begin treatment for reversing aging? Is below 50 too young? I want to be immortal. Help me.

  2. So exercise and have proper nutrition focusing on an oversupply of vitamin B3? What here isn't just bullshit?

  3. Well let’s do that shit then, what the fuck we waiting for?
    But in reality there isn’t any compassion for humanity, only greed and other wickedness that will prevent this work being applied for humankind.

  4. The only reason why people fear being immortal is because they lose loved ones but if all your loved ones (even pets) can be immortal then the fear goes away. Now it just comes down to quality of life & cost of living. I doubt very much that immortal people would be poor since the medication to be immortal would not be free.

  5. They take so long to find a cure for a virus like HIV and even Cancer, so I don't think they'll ever stop aging

  6. would you rather die because of a side effect in prolonging your lifetime 200 years later, or die 20 years later fearing said side effect?

    It's pretty obvious, but a lot of idiots still choose the second option

  7. I have a family member in Age Care, diagnosed with MSA, Can you contact me, if there is a chance they could be placed on your TRIALS,Very Interested

  8. I'm not that scared of death, I'm scared of suffering and losing independence. My grandma spent her last years lying in bed, unable to speak, opening her eyes a few times, then drifting away again. THAT'S what I'm scared of. Now, imagine living your whole life at absolute peak health. I feel a mixture of great hope for what humanity is yet to reach, and fear of how we are yet to terribly fuck things up.

  9. You wake up in a world where the base lifespan is over750 years old. There is a 1 child policy globally about every 30 years to keep the population under control. Autism? Downsyndrome? Other physical/mental incapacities? No place in the world. None of these people exist. Religion slowly fades. There is no longer a concept of captialism living so long means there is no longer a need to be competitive in that way all have their base needs met and if they want more they contribute for it however, even that will fade as human needs become fully automated by robots. Robots grow the food make the clothing are the drs and nurses robots do everything. 14 years will be like a day we mess with the genes of our pets to give them longer life spans to compliment our own. as the world gets used to this long long life significantly less children are born despite the 1 child policy simply because people dont care as much about it. terraforming mars is suddenly possible.

  10. Fascinating, but reverse ageing its probably not the best idea considering the fact that we are already dealing with overpopulation. If we continue to live for hundreds of years there won't be any place for newcomers in a sense.

  11. I'm well aware of this research from quite a few years ago the reality is aging is not going to stop but it could slow down tomorrow it's a long way off yet and even when it gets to that point only the rich will have access to it because it will just be too expensive so that dude in the video that clip in his white jacket it will also get relatively old eventually don't worry about that

  12. Don't be stupid. No government will allow ordinary people to benefit from this. Only the elite and rich will benefit.

  13. I'm 27, hopefully by the time I'm 40 we'll be able to "lock" our ages, I wouldn't mind being 40 for a few dozen decades

  14. I don't think people realize the toll it would take on earth if all of us started living 1000 years, shitting out babies who also live 1000 years. Im thinking if you desire a long unnatural life, you should also give away your ability to make babies.

  15. I would love to live for another three to five hundred years just to learn more ,experience more and see more of the planet and even travel to other planets.. count me in

  16. It can only be hoped that climate change, peak oil or nuclear war won't wipe us out before this research bears fruit. Or some stupid new pandemic.

  17. If I want to buy NAD+, anyone know what to look out for and look for when buying to not get scammed? Would be interesting to get that information

  18. To quote Spock: "Fascinating!". I look forward to seeing more of your videos! You just earned a new subscriber! 🙂

  19. NAD supplements are now 50% higher since Sinclair released his findings ? human greed at its finest. But hey…theres also tooo manny people on the planet. Just image what it will be like in the next 50 years.

  20. I love it when he comes in the Joe Rogan show, this is exciting stuff science is amazing

  21. The global elite (decade he said of course) don´t want people to be forever you, on this ongoing depopulation plan (Agenda 21)… they killing out the humanity and we are going to be cyborgs (already are hooked up w smartphon 24/7) conecting us w AI!

  22. And here we are getting distracted by the coronavirus… INVEST ALL YOUR SHIT INTO BECOMING IMMORTAL!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE GOVERNMENTS ON ABOUT!!!

  23. This decade started off like trying to climb a mountain and falling in a deep cliff(We almost had WW3, Australian fires, and ofcourse the Coronavirus). But from the looks of it alot of interesting things that will change humanity completely are just around the corner. Elon Musk and his Neuralink technology, Also Elon Musk going to mars, and now becoming immortal! It's like activating cheats in a game, like we're gonna use jetpacks to fly to the top of this great mountain.

  24. I'm being vague but If automated death of cells is turned off won't the cells continue to divide continuously as happens in cancer cells ?

  25. The moment he said: "It could save trillions of dollars in our healthcare system" I knew… Mister Sinclair might not live to see the end of his research

  26. Death is so extremely scary to me. What happens. I am so extremely scared of it. I can't even begin to fathom nothingness. Living forever would literally be my dream. I want to see the stars. I want to know what it feels like to have eternal bliss on a remote planet seeped with nature. When I inevitably die to whatever, I want to have lived a full life. A life people will look back on and remember. I wish I knew if we had a soul. I wish I knew what happened after death. Postpone it until we know? Sign me the fuck up.

  27. Seems like aging reversal is like the hairloss cure, but a couple decades behind. Everyone was saying baldness will be cured in the next 5 years since the 80's. I don't expect an aging cure until another 100-200 years. And the IQ drop in western nations make it more unlikely.

  28. how will this be implemented? How are they gonna control the population? Are the rich the only ones that will live forever? Also should we start storing our young DNA now….gonna save some hair follicles now. Also come on it 2020…why am I going bald still!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. To even believe that this research will be for "Widespread use" is like unicorns and rainbows wishes…
    The rich & powerful Pharma corporations will take control over this and make it disappear. There is no money to make if people are not sick.

  30. Our organic cal sum is boiled and ground egg shells you can regrow bone and teeth, teeth are like circuit breakers to each part of the body. I’m not a dr , I’m a researcher and wold traveler set in place

  31. The only reason medical science and technology hasn't evolved is because the "health care" industry makes too much money and shuts down progress. Or some religious nut

  32. Dying of old age doesn't scare me that much, but succumbing to geriatrics, deteriorating into a decrepit state, it absolutely horrifies me. I never want to feel older than 40, max.

  33. EYE FLOATERS are essentially collagen fibers that coil to form clumped opacities labeled as Eye Floaters: The collagen fibers are perhaps prematurely ageing.

  34. This should have come years ago. I'm just waiting on these fantastic people invent something that can reverse the time. 75 years will be fine – then we can avoid a rerun of WW2.

  35. My cousin accidentally ate a mutated mouse that spat radio-graphic plasma. She'll never be the same.

  36. This is dangerous. Consider the explosion in population that could occur. Even now, people die of old age all the time, yet our global population rapidly increases. If we undo the ability of nature to remove us when nature says it is time, the population would surge to unsupportable levels, is my thinking. Also, imagine being someone who is alive long enough to amass wealth and power and then being able to continue to add to it with the forbidden gift of more time on this planet. I can't help but think of the show Altered Carbon. People could get rich and powerful enough that the world changes for the worse. This has applications for reducing suffering, allowing people to live out their old age with dignity and autonomy, but I pray that this is never abused to extend people's lives artificially to hundreds of years.

  37. Dr Sinclair if you can help me I have a spinal cord damage c4 and 5 have been replaced buy a piece of titanium I have weak legs and hands and spasms that are hard to control I for sure use this treatment

  38. 6:55 "No-BELL" Prise, not "Noble" Prise.
    Fantastic video, though; I haven't heard enough from Dr. Sinclair. Thanks for the clips from Rogan; at least I know to look there.

  39. I'm already going through this final stage of life and feel myself getting weaker. It only becomes noticeable after 50, in my case felt like a boy until literally 49, it's like a precise clock.

  40. Isn't Larry Ellison living proof he's conquered aging?
    Reportedly he's having blood transfusions regularly with blood from teenagers, and hence DNA with elongated telomerase.

  41. I remember seeing a fascinating segment on that old show "Beyond", what they changed "Beyond 2000" to. It was a segment about how there is a gene that can control the production of chaperones, which your body turns off while relatively young. The purpose of the chaperones is to remove intracellular gunk which when accumulated in cells inhibits their performance. They engineered some mice to have that gene turn on when they ate a specific type of rice, and turn off with another. After turning it on mice the equivalent of 90 years old started performing like they were 18 cognitively and physically.
    As a side note fasting lowers blood sugar which causes the blood brain barrier to open and changes the brain to enter autophagy which also can reduce intracellular gunk. The more fit you are the less you need to fast as well.

  42. Niacin isn't abundant in high carb grain based diets. Hoffer found people using high dose niacin had arteries like a childs after long term.
    But you can't 'patent' a vitamin.
    I use niacin and am often asked to produce my licence to prove my age.
    Folk think I'm late 30's when I nearly 60 😉

  43. It would be great if we could cure Dementia, however I dont know how I feel about reversing duying as a whole.

  44. The fact that he's starting chemical trials this year might be the only good thing to come out of 2020…

    that and the PS5.

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