HTC Phones – From Biggest Smartphone Maker to Nothing!

HTC was an absoloutly influenial smartphone brand, but over the years, they’ve gone from number one to zero. What exactly happened? In this video we explore the story.
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HTC: rise and fall of a Titan


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  1. I still have My HTC ONE with Beats. Loved that phone. I have yet to find a replacement that matches its content experience. I miss the dual front speakers.

  2. man that sense ui in the desire HD was so lit. those HTC models from 2009-2012 were the top of their game in the android world.

  3. Bruh im using htc desire 826 second hand rn and its still cool and still updating its system and having some new features

  4. I got HTC Dream G1 in early 2009 in the middle of eastern Europe… I guess I was one of the first students to get an Android smartphone at my college 😀 I was in love with that phone, I simply loved the physical keyboard, it was top quality!

  5. Only ever had one htc phone, it was one of their cheap ones and man was it a piece of crap, it could barely run the OS

  6. i still miss my g1 that was my first smartphone and it was so revolutionary at the time it gave me an advantage that can't be ignored

  7. I had the HTC HD2, loved it even though the software was terrible, then the Titan, best windows phone ever was super quick. Then the one M7 which I modded a lot and it was fantastic until the updates practically killed it.

  8. Every HTC I had a chance to touch was filled with annoying bloatware. Even if the design was good, there were 4 or 5 undeeded HTC apps that take space and memory.

  9. First thing do when I fix a friend's device having HTC is removing the sense and the widgets.

  10. Instresting how this video poped up after I instaled Lineage OS 17.1 on my old and forggoten HTC M8, and I was just thinking how good that phone actualy was.

  11. HTC phones felt very very premium. They were on the expensive side too. Like A famous brand Android device with exactly the same specs would be 20% cheaper. But man that aluminum unified body, real stereo audio (even rare today) and their signature UI was worth it. 🙂

  12. I replaced my HTC 10 just one month ago after over 3 years of use!
    It was the greatest Smartphone I've ever had.

  13. I remember using my HTC One M8 for the first time. That’s something you don’t forget. That’s not a phone you forget.

  14. behind every phone/pc/laptop/speaker/headset company there's an asian….c'mon my fellow white people, step your game up lol

  15. NOKIA were the pioneers of smartphones but HTC made a big jump ahead of all the rest indeed! I had an I-MATE JAM smartphone in 2006, which was made by HTC powered by Windows CE, with an integrated stylus, long before Galaxy Note range to be born.

  16. After a one (m7), an m8, a u10 and, most recently, a u12+, I love my HTC phones and IT saddens me to see the company fall behind. I did always prefer them over the comparable Samsung products, but it's probably true, in a consumer market, you need to spend big in image campaigns, especially when your competitors (Apple and Samsung) are not marketing a tech product, but, essentially, a fashion accessoire.

  17. I once owned an htc incredible 2. Biggest hunk of junk I’ve ever owned for hardware. But the software was beautiful.

  18. I’ve Owned
    HTC one m7
    HTC one m8
    HTC one m9
    The m7 was game changing loved that phone and then upgraded to m8 ever better these phone were way ahead of there time.

  19. The device I watched this video on, is my favourite. It's so old, but I use it at home as a tablet. I keep what's app on it so I can still make calls. I run just my basic programs YOU tube chrome, and what's app and my calendar.
    This is the Desire 510. I didn't realize it had no flash built in. I started with HTC sensation. Then got this one. When forced to upgrade because some important apps where no longer compatible, I found the Desire 650 because it had the flash on this model at least But I am NOT happy about the 650. They took away so much of what I loved from the 510. I got 2 of them one for both me and the husband. He loves his, but he didn't get to experience the sensation or the 510. I then figured out that my device has manufacturing faults, he got lucky with his. That doesn't change the fact of removed features though.

    I'm truly excited they are making a comeback. Please don't get rid of use of expandable/removable memory though. Or I'll have no choice but to get the Samsung when I smash the 650 to smithereens because it failed me once again. In the meantime I'll keep on using my 510 until it dies from natural causes. The Desire range is just their budget range. I can only imagine how phenomenal their top market models were.

    Thank you for returning. I ❤ HTC and I'm loyal. So is my husband. I just wish he could have had the chance to experience HTC back then, but maybe it's a good thing he didn't. And super lucky that I got the dud one out of the two we purchased.

  20. my first ever smart phone was hTC Mogul, followed by Diamond, followed by Hero, and since then iPhone. Great memories. I remember how badly I wanted the Evo.

  21. I knew about HTC, but I never used their phones. I remember their "You" ad campaign though. It was one of my favourite campaigns.

  22. I remember choosing between LG G3 and HTC One M8, G3 won at the end because of the better screen to body ratio, QHD screen and wireless charging but to this day I don't know was it the right choice. Two phones later and now HTC and LG aren't even in top 5 of next phone contenders, it's got to the fight between OnePlus and Samsung, I think I'd rather jump ship and buy an iPhone than G8ThinQ or U19e (not even sure are those the most recent flagships)

  23. MY First HTC was Evo 3D , then 816 , them M8 and after him U11 that I still use today. Meanwhile I had a few other brands (Samsung , Huawei) and I didnt like any of them.

  24. i have an HTC One phone on the table right besides my laptop. The battery is dead and I haven't used it in years, but I know that in any moment I need a phone, I'll recharge it and put a sim card in and then i'll be ready to go. I love this phone.

  25. Something very special about HTC, plus the name looks cool.

    I had the hero, nexus one, Desire HD, Sensation, Evo 3D, HTC M7, HTC M9, HTC 10.

    Then i had to switch, Oneplus 5 just couldn't be ignored, stellar device, but no OIS, the HTC 10 had amazing OIS.

    HTC never got everything perfect, but that was kind of the attraction, what they did get right, they got very right.

    Android and IOS have a lot to thank HTC for, they pioneered so much of what we see today in Android and iOS, just such a shame that they went the way they did.

    Their fall started when they didn't allow the bootloader to be unlocked on the HTC One X, they simply didn't recover, then they released some poor devices and that was that.

    RIP HTC, thanks for the memories.

    Back in the days people expressed their frustration about that big chunky black bars with no purpose whatsoever other than the HTC branding. Everyone said the same "m7 has an impressive design, but with the speakers and that useless bar it's too big"… that wasted space, in the years when screens were getting bigger and the phones smaller, were a big let down: lg g2 had a bigger screen in a smaller space! Then the m8 came along, and htc showed they didn't care about users' feedbacks: same design, even more wasted space. Others increased pixel count in the camera department, they kept that "dual pixel" 4mpx camera from the previous model which was good, but not as quite, and it also was a bad marketing move. It was a good phone, but had nothing to stand out other than the speakers (I loved those) and some cons. Also, again, no marketing whatsoever. And this is just talking about the higher end: they had no low-end because all their "desire" middle range phones were overpriced garbage. The rise of chinese phones put the last nail in the coffing in this segment: you could have the same specs for 300-400$ less. Xiaomi mi4 was as expensive as a desire phone (usually, less) and just as good as the m8… while chinese phones were "the new thing" and had a great price advantage, not to mention great UIs like MIUI and Flyme, so people actually talked about them online, HTC had nothing special to talk about and did no marketing. Worst move possible. Couple this with the aforementioned inability to listen to user feedbacks, and you have a recipe for disaster…

  27. The HTC Desire was my first smartphone, it was an awesome phone. If HTC create a Desire 5G version I'd buy it straight away!

  28. Back in 2016, htc one m9 was one of dream phones. But sadly i couldn't afford it. Until 4 years later that factory unlocked ones now cost $90 on my region. This sparked my hope of affording it…but as of right now, I'm dead broke due to lockdown sooo yea :'(

  29. I still have the HTC Fuze, Windows Mobile OS, and had the HTC HD2, great phone that could but Windows and Android, dual boot setup. It was a very solid phone, with a huge screen for that time screens standards.

  30. I never had a HTC but I've always thought their phones were the coolest ones out there, so sad that they're not really around anymore.

  31. good lord this was dull!!!! How can you make something so interesting be so mundane and boring, it was like listening to a grandparents war stories, I respect it but I'm almost falling asleep!

  32. Using HTC phones more than a decade. My U11 is three years old now and i am waiting for a new HTC flagship…
    HTC phones are well designed, reliable, hi tech phones. They have to come back to the market.

  33. Had the HTC One M8 (most amazing smartphone in my opinion, especially in my friend group since everyone had a poor samsung plastic :D) and it's screen broke after a few years and since the screen replacement was too expensive (relative to the age of the smartphone) I then bought the HTC 10, again awesome smartphone but it got pretty slow after another two years. Now I'm a happy Samsung owner 😀

  34. Salute to High Tech Computers. Favorites include Touch Diamond, Touch Pro 2 but my HD2 is still legendary. HTC = Kings in the game.

  35. I would love to see a video about the current smart phone industry and the rise of Chinese phone companies.

  36. Had the HTC One m7. Never loved a phone more than that. It even lasted me more than 4 years while the next Pixel 1 phone had a motherboard problem and failed me within 2 years.

  37. I had an htc one m7 and the m8. Loved these phones, however i completely lost my confidence in the brand. I had a software issue at one point when i tried to reset my phone as it was starting to slow down. They asked me £27 just to give me a budget as they would have to send it to China…on top of that they wouldnt do anything unless i paid over £100 for a new screen, as the phone had a microscopic crack on the corner, so small that i never even noticed it…needless to say that i bought a brand new samsung immediatly. I heard of a few stories similar to mine. When you loose the consumer trust you are finished…

  38. I worked for HTC for 5 years and watched this fall up close and personal, until I was laid off in early 2018

  39. Htc one M7. Loved that phone and can definitely see it's influence in modern phones like the Pixel series. I really wish someone would do good front facing stereo speakers on an affordable flagship again.

  40. Been a supporter of HTC from the very beginning and I still have my TyTn in my drawer to prove it. Then stayed with them into the beginning of my android journey and stuck ever since.

    Orignal Desire, to MyTouch 4G Slide, to One V, Amaze 4G, One S, M7, two M8s (normal and Google Play edition – remember those?), M9, Nexus 9, HTC 10, and now Pixel 2. Even got a Surround 7 back in the big Windows Phone hype (that obviously failed in the end).

    Unfortunately it seems like the future looks bleak for future devices, but I guess only time will tell.

  41. Htc developed the first palm pilots with keyboard. As soon as they were not under contract htc came out with the htc diamond.

  42. had 4 different htc phones battery problems were common, all died within a couple of years, meantime wife still uses a Samsung s2 friends S3 both still holding all day charge, loved my Htc design and features but frustrating with reliability problems, sad to see them go.

  43. My first smart phone was an HTC EVO 4G. HTC helped establish Android phones as true competitors to the Iphone.

  44. How can you forget about the 3D phone I remember when it came out I was young so I didn't get it but for my eyes that was the future

  45. My first Android phone was the HTC Desire (codenamed Bravo) back in 2010 and i loved it. The camera out door on a sunny day top score
    indoor under artificial light was OK and if it was dark or no light the camera was bad but most of the smart phones back then was
    the same. The battery life was about the same as most smart phones back then too. Then later on i got one of the HTC Desire 6 phones
    and this one was a disappointment bad battery life and a bad camera compared to the phones of the time. And this was the last HTC i had.

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