Google’s Hidden CIA Connection – The Full Story

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Script by Fil Zivko


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  1. There's always a price to pay for security, do we want those who want to be radicalized to reach their goals and find the info they're looking for??? NO… so while this does concern me, I'd rather this than a bunch of Iran/Qatar/Turkey backed terrorists preaching their hate to kids who are looking for this type of hate speech

  2. Damn Castro was a BOSS
    they couldn't kill him after all those tries…..the USA ain't what we think it is… much propaganda in the "greatest nation in the world"

  3. I seem to remember hearing stories of how the internet existed in the 80's but was strictly for military purposes. I would wager there is some correlation.

  4. Funny…. Google owns Android and is ran by the white house, yet everyone in the white house uses an IPHONE!

  5. Enjoy your videos mate but this has quite a bit of bias, you focus on the worst things they've ever done as if it's all they do. Their work in counterterrorism and gathering information on adversaries is certainly valuable but you don't ever mention that.

  6. CIA is great. Thanks for protecting us from the Devil & Aliens.
    Oh do you actually do this? Or do you work with them? 😉
    Hopefully one Day Humanity can travel space together and life in Peace & Love – mostly.

  7. The CIA is involved in every aspect of the tech industry. It is the military that invents new technologies. They then hand it over to these front companies like Google and Apple.

  8. America has always been the evil country in our world and the day will come when America will be destroyed for humanity.

  9. Have you made a similar video for Facebook? There are similar links to national agencies to spy on people in the origins of Facebook

  10. CIA has every right to look at our google accounts.USA is making the world safer.

    LONG LIVE USA ??????

  11. And yet, here we are on YouTube. Using other Google services, like Keep, Docs, Gmail, and so on. Most people just don't give a shit.

  12. they killed everyone because they wanted to make a difference or expose the truth they have Been hiding al this time. Everything is not what it seems

  13. Almost all tech giants are tracking us & selling our data to other orgs. 🙁 We are no more private/safe.

  14. Well many former directors or agens from CIA and otehr secret services end up being directors/cheef of staff of news networks,newspapers,film aassistants,journalists and so on.Hecke in many wars CIA always first HQ was always mostly established inside eighter existing newspaper of some country or buy off the bancrupt/closed down newspaper or otehr builidng and make it own HQ in target country for specific missions.Hecke even today there are still News networks in my country that were HQs for CIA operatives or news that were funded from overseas that still exist today but are now just get semi funding from goverment+overseas funding alongside the profit from broadcast adds.This all is nothing new its so old its laughable that many people still today think its some kid of lunatic conspiracy theory.

  15. Things are getting scarier. You'll forever be remembered Dagogo.
    Give a thumbs up if you've learnt a lot from ColdFusion .

  16. I also love when Russia,China nad otehr do the same then its evil dictatorship and violation of human righst and freedom of speach BUT when USA does litteraly the same thing and even more then its home security.Even when Russia,China and others LITEARY JUST SEE USA AND THEN COPY AND INPLEMNT SAME METHODS TAHT USA DOES it still is seen as not home security but evli dictatorship adn how its against freedom of speach and against human rights.There are littearly dozens of thing that other countries litteraly just saw USA and implemented the same methods yet get blasted for the things they litteraly didnt even create but just followed/copied the model from USA.That just tells how USAs propagadna is strong aka post ww2 USA has the biggest and strongest propagadn tahst how USA winnming wars aka via propaganda USA wins wars but on ground its compleatly different story.

  17. “Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

    ― Frank Herbert, Dune

  18. "On Sept. 28, 2005, two high-tech powerhouses in California's Silicon Valley, Google and NASA's Ames Research Center, joined forces to conduct cutting-edge research and development.

    NASA and Google signed a memorandum of understanding that outlines plans for cooperation on a variety of areas, including large-scale data management, massively distributed computing, bio-info-nano convergence, and encouragement of the entrepreneurial space industry. 

    "Our planned partnership presents an enormous range of potential benefits to the space program," said NASA Ames Center Director G. Scott Hubbard. "Just a few examples are new sensors and materials from collaborations on bio-info-nano convergence, improved analysis of engineering problems as well as Earth, life and space science discoveries from supercomputing and data mining, and bringing entrepreneurs into the space program. While our joint efforts will benefit both organizations, the real winner will be the American public," he added.

    Bio-info-nano convergence is the technology realm that capitalizes on nature's own solutions to complex problems, directed by advanced information technologies, and all accomplished on an ultra-small scale. Current applications include advanced materials and extremely small sensors and science instruments. Bio-info-nano convergence has the potential to create everything from ingestible, medical diagnostic capsules which would explore our bodies to highly capable micro-sized spacecraft able to explore other worlds."

  19. Have they started harassing corporate employees using CIA tools ? My experience is that corporate security are into your email, social networks, computer to support corporate HR legal departments mitigate risk to put it nicely. At times security agents are actively trying to spoil employees lives, especially former employees. If some weirdo manager trys to say your job involved sensitive information. Ghosting is a major issue and also smear campaigns. Google became worse after they met with people like Miku Kaku and they had that bogus investigation in the USA where Senators questioned them, same for Facebook. Lately the wifi is still silently on when you turn it off. Peoples response should be to store embarrassing sensitive data on their personal computers linked to people involved. To restore some privacy

  20. You can never google anonymously unless you use it every single time you log in on every single device you use, including work devices. (I didn't realise Google was around for Watergate?!)

  21. Well researched but really much of it was obvious. People just don't want to know what goes on behind the scenes. The few that do care are too small in number to matter.

  22. I was truly disgusted when I first read about that MK-ULTRA project, very disturbing. Literally anything can be expected from the same people who were OK with doing that.

  23. I'd lie to request a video for WeChat! Provided that you would be sponsored of course. That video would get instantly demonetized I'm sure.

  24. Wow, man! Good stuff you have! I'm wondering how long till you get censored. Hang in there and keep up the great work!

  25. Where was google when i was writing all those high school papers!!
    You youngsters will never know the pains of having to go to the library and do actual research.
    Spoiler: It sucked.

  26. Wow, gOOgle is the borg in some ways it seems. Their IPO claimed do no evil, they became billionaire$ overnight. There's homelessness and starvation across the repairable planet still, there's Trumpstein The Billionaire 1989 Hushmoney Rapist as a president. On his watch, Deadstein his creepy creepy marginalizing long time friend/next door floridian neighbor for years died mysteriously as 30 minutes of evidence went missing from the NYC prison's suicided watch video footage, as both NYC prison guards stationed on duty claimed that they fell asleep on the job while listening to music that weekend night, all the while knowing that if Deadstein was gonna live to mention alot about rich creepy abusive sociopaths in a courtroom that coming monday that never did get around to happening. They took the hushmoney. I detect alot of anomalies within their youtube platform, and within their android OS. There's an offset chance that you may never read this comment due to internal forms of shadowbanning by nefarious social media platform employees with mad programming skill$. Maybe not, however, the anomalies do seem to speak volumes i noticed really.
    Please safe, be logical, be healthy, please be excellent to eachother, because bullets bombs bonesaws toxic nerve agents 9/11 hijacked planes and pandemics never produced even a single afterlife, no matter what #TheChurchMafia claim$ all riddled within that of mythology yellingly with manipulative wavy militant narcissistic arms of much jazz hand$.

    A better world for ALL tomorrow, ideally sooner, today.

  27. USA: "China is monitoring its private citizens to dominaye their lives and it's disgisting and invasive."

    Also USA: "We'll give you a lot of money to monitor private citizens and the world to dominate the world."

  28. USA: Shame on China for using it's tech companies like Huawei to spy on users.
    Also USA: Let's use our tech companies like Google to spy on users.

  29. Hey bois, Don't buy huawei kit, uncle sam can't put their tool in it. Help your country by accepting our spying.

  30. That is MUCH better “Cold-Fusion”. Telling the Truth, perhaps, is better when explained that EVERY Human is “Dual-Natured”, isn’’t it. “Brain-Washing” indeed. More revealing is the way ALL [well, almost, then] were “Brain-Washed” and that “Evil” exists and that “He” portrays Himself with sainthood. All may know this fact, but when only A-Few are able to realize so, ALL might as well be “Brain-Washed”. You know, when “Gossip” is better when “Social-Media” is used-as The-Justification.
    ANY Human who paints him-her self as a “Saint” is “Devilish-ness-in-Progress”. For the simple reason that there is NO such thing as “The-Singularly-Natured“ Human. NOT when ALL were “Similarly-Flawed” eons ago. You know, when ALL were “Energy-Transformers”/101.23%-Dependent-On-Energy-To-Exist [as we ALL do NOW], and that “The-Energy-Creating-Human” is just that, “Komplete-BS”. There is NO such “Beast” in-Reality.
    Like it or NOT, The-Sanskrit word for “Right-Sided” Humans is “Raksasha”. Namely, “The-Devilish”. For the simple reason that ALL Humans are “Dual-Natured”. There is NO such thing as ”A-VPN”. What is NOT told is that either ALL-Yore–Data is either “ISP”-based OR “VPN”/DownTown-Iel-Aviv based. If true [and it is true, Sweets], how come NO “VPN” tells you so? To the point that some “5-Eyes” VPN are NO better than A “Paid-Up”/Fully-Subscribed, “friendly-ISP”.
    You know, when “Brain-Washing”, is NOT the ”point”/word. “Heading-For-The–Slaughter-House-Cheerfully”, is and like it or NOT, where “Dictators” failed is that “they” assumed that “they” are “Singularly-Natured”. When this flawed, EVERY “Dictator”, “Good” or “Bad” will fail. For those who disbelieve, why, just ask, “Yore-Friendly-CIA”.
    The Real-Aim of Dictatorships is to momentarily re-direct “National-Resources” wisely, but when said “Resources” were mis-directed for “Personal-Gain”, that “devilishness” will be pickedup by Yore-Local-Devil and “broadcast” as such. You know, when “The-Voice-of-America” is put to “Good-Use”. This ought to put an end to Sir Gallivant & The-Kerching-ing-Effect-of “Vaccines”. But NOT when, “Da-Governmented had Its-Vaay”. You know, “Talking-Heads” and the myriad forms of, “Brain-Washing”.

  31. surprised?
    Your Internet is founded by DARPA
    Your GPS? National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and NASA
    Many intel operatives work inside tech companies as a coverup with their permission to do specific things. Actually many left their agencies after their initial mission to work there because they could get higher salary. lol
    You dont like it? Dont use it.

    Can you?

  32. I'm not too sure if even Express VPN can protect anyone from Google. But now it makes sense why Google is banned from working with Huawei because both companies are at the core of their respective government's security.

  33. In 2030, let's hope we'll get the same video about how Chinese bugged their crappy phones and all other high tech products sold for cheaper price using dumping and low paid salaries…

  34. We better, as a whole, resist the police state that these demonic corporations and our "government" are trying to usher in.

  35. And US constantly bitching about Huaweii alleged connection with Chinese government.
    Talk of hypocrisy.

  36. You are the bravest man I've ever known. (Stand for what you believe, even if you need to stand alone". (Old proverb).

  37. CIA planned the royal massacre of the Nepal royal family in 2001. They ain't humans they're aliens.

  38. Are you sure that CIA doesn't have it's hands on VPN providers too? My only worries are does CIA protect the free world or just USA?

  39. Castro: I would get the gold medal in surviving assassination attempts.
    Hitler: Hold my beer. Am I a joke to you.?

  40. Private companies are already gathering intelligence on the public. Take for instance Microsoft. They used data gathered from Facial Recognition and helped China develop their facial recognition software all with the blessing of Bill Gates.

  41. Bro, you so dead. I just clicked to type this. I don't even wanna watch it. I'm burst into flames just typing this las ahhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH!<……………..

  42. Lol, apparently I don't mean shit to Google, as soon as I linked my google account to my Runescape account, they stole all my shit, and of course them megalmanics don't think it's right to refund people for stuff stolen from their own customers.

  43. And I thought Huawei being tied to the Chinese government was an issue. Time to switch to Firefox?

  44. You should do an episode on what VPNs really do for your privacy in practice and which ways your privacy is still at risk while using VPNs

  45. Youtuber known as "ColdFusion" found dead in his residence, police cite suicide with three arrows to the back as cause of death.

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