COVID-19 – How Tech is Helping

Part 2 of our look at COVID-19
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Open-source project spins up 3D-printed ventilator validation prototype in just one week

ResApp and Coviu team up to provide remote respiratory tests through telehealth platform

China fights coronavirus with delivery drones


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  1. A note on the ventilator section, it seems like most low cost 3D printed designs may not work as intended. If you’re interested to see why, please watch this video from Real Engineering:
    Thanks to those of you who pointed out that video, I was looking at the issue from an engineering point of view and didn’t take into account the intricacies of the medical side. COVID-19 news moves fast and I was caught out here. Sorry about that.

  2. A great way to end the series Dagogo. This was a ray of light during these times, seeing your videos of how tech and people are moving to help with current situations.

  3. This is bulshit …. Fi we don buy this retarded bots there's no way the for these corporation to to adwance … That's why we have Corona virus …. This is an incentive

  4. These videos reviewing the positives of the situation and how we're working together to attack the pandemic is truly a bright light in this dim environment. Makes me feel a lot more optimistic about the future, especially in terms of massively limiting deaths.

  5. how about the bunch of bulls i see from american private hospital campaigning that public citizens should not wear mask to protect the stockpile for medical frontlines while giving excuses like it does not work well if the person are not trained to use them. How bad can an idiot got wearing mask wrong? upside down? doesnt cover the chin and nose bridge? even then it protect the particles of saliva from spewing out of their mouth while talking

  6. to be honest, its not jack ma, but his team of scientist and tecnologist
    its different when you say like "its elon musk in the frontier of the research" i will believe that in heartbeat

  7. privacy are too overrated
    imagine if we are hivemind alien society
    we will be bazillion years ahead in civilizations of high tech society
    i am not saying its ok for government to own this information but it should be freedom by the people to chose what they data they want to give to public in other to help prevent spread of disease and terrorism

  8. im surprised no one is using blockchain and facial recognition to fight this in real time. Your Face serves as your medical Identity witch is linked to blockchain and facial recognition cameras would be deployed everywhere also linked to blockchain to record location contracts and social interaction contracts all of which can be rcorded into blockchain. Then run AI and big data analytics to track viral transmission paths in real time. Eventually no one would need a vaccine if AI ran the whole show

  9. Pls DON'T use vacuum cleaner bags to make a mask. Many have an antibacterial powder between the layers which can damage your lungs!

  10. WWG1WGA, time for the world to wake up to the deception.
    China is the problem, remember its all coming out, the CHICOM LEADERSHIP KNEW ALL about the release of the bio weapon called
    C O V ID or Certificate of Vaccination ID , THE GREAT AWAKENING IS UPON US ALL.

  11. 4:12 "Recent research […] has shown that when we speak, saliva microdroplets come flying out of our mouth"
    Why is are so many people saying this is "Recent Research"? Like this is some new breaking discovery? WE'VE KNOWN THIS FOR CENTURIES. We've known for DECADES how viruses and diseases spread. SARS-Cov-2 is a "Novel Virus" we've never seen before and all the sudden we've gotta go redo 1850's microbiology research?

  12. Running BOINC against the Rosetta project for the exact same reason. Any small contribution makes a difference.

  13. Have no idea why people are making a big deal about ventilator. It brings comfort that you have it. But doctors are saying it does not matter due to different variance to the virus. So much information is being distorted. This SARS CoV 2.0 will not go away anytime soon. We will probably wait till the death toll reaches in the millions for ID2020 to kick in. Everyone will go get tested. Then get a microchip with technology that can track your location. That way, we know who have it or not. Probably the best way to go at it is to test people at home. So the government will come to your house. If you're not tested, then you will not go back to work. So yeah. Wait till death toll hit in the millions.

  14. Your video mentions vacuum cleaner bags used in home made masks, Hoover already advised not to use their HEPA bags as thry contain fibre glass which could get into the lungs.

  15. In Europe, GDPR actually allows for the use of tracking data in the interests of public health (and to fight crime), but many governments wisely do not want to give Google, Facebook, etc. permission to do this and citizens are rightfully weighing up the costs and benefits of such surveillance. We've never rolled back the increased surveillance introduced after 9-11 as part of the "war against terror" and those countries that increase surveillance because of coronavirus will never give up those powers…
    ? ?
    ? never!

  16. @ColdFusion Thank you so much for your videos. Do you think that you can make a video about how effective chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have been in treating Covid-19 since they got FDA? Thanks again for your great work.

  17. not one word about the NATURAL compounds giving humans a "shield" of protection at all hey? Like certain mushroom varieties for example….How on Earth did we evolve to where we are today with our technological hubris at the loss of our natural knowledge of the land around us and its flora and faunas?…..NOT A WORD either from ALLEGED health professionals about HOW TO BOOST immunity, or even HOW one could protect oneself. They did a study in 2012 for a pandemic and social distancing to see if that would work….& it did not work alone at all, so this FEAR BASED misinformation is DISGRACEFUL……to a rational, educated mind, who does not watch the tell-lies-by-vision, nor do i read the sleeze papers……computer modelling of infections is WIDE open to fraudulent practice via the very nature of the algorithms it can utilise giving the results wished for by tweaking those controls in the "correct" manner.

  18. exosomes are what is being shown up as positives for covid-19 also….and we all have the capabilities to create these when stressed or ill.

  19. @Coldfusion next video idea, get into the stigma for patients of covid-19, here in Indonesia, healthcare workers got kicked out from their rent houses because most of the neighbor are afraid of them, in some area people even turn down the burial of covid-19 patients on their area.

  20. using the virus situation as an excuse to spy on citizens and make the world even worse place to live is not a good idea (1789 France…)

  21. Nooo!!! DO NOT USE ZOOM!!! The company it self use all information disclosed during the meeting!!!
    I'm very disappointed mate.

  22. Alibaba AI is just publicity stunt because reducing 10-15 mins to 20 seconds for Xray, MRI images is not correct. Results will be in 20 seconds but loading the images will be around 5 minutes and physicians should spend lot of time in selecting the right images.
    So this is not useful.

  23. i am amused to see that you didn't mention the contribution of india to U.S,Brazil,China on hydroxychloroquine drug…Racism at its best

  24. I apologize for not being on topic. But i would like to hear from someone who is good at explaining and presenting physics to a non involved audience, about Geometric Unity. Or at least have a talk with Eric Weinstein about it.

  25. How many of those robots deliver food to people? 1000? 10 000? 100 000? I highly doubt it's the latter, and even if it was that's only like 0.00003 of their population. Maybe not even.

  26. 80% of people on ventilators die.This isnt about a deadly virus. This is about taking our freedoms away and implementing a surveilance state like in China + crashing the economy so banks can hand out credits and we have to pay back the debt

  27. Hi dagogo can you please do a video rise and fall video on the company Cambridge analytical which was accused of harvesting personal information of over 80 million Americans

  28. So this crisis will either spark a new age of connectivity and global collaboration, or a new age of a dystopian sponsorship and surveillance.

  29. Why are there so many people advocating the 5g/Gates conspiracy? They are confusing the common people who only use social media to get information. Any thoughts?

  30. Can you please record the audio a few more inches away from the microphone? Your narration sounds a little to in-my-ear asmr and the s sounds you make is way to loud and pronounced and stings the ear.

  31. Full of Ballshit,

    (1) There will be no Vaccine, Vaccine for what?????

    (2) There is no coronavirus. Unless you can show there is, and provide Proof.

    (3) social distancing in case you spread coronavirus that going to be very difficult when the coronavirus doesn't exist.

    (4) If you fall downstairs and you are lucky to go to the hospital they will then test you and net-positive.

    (5) Coronavirus has not been isolated and therefore it does not exist.

  32. This isn`t "helping" !

    It`s the opposite .

    "Desinfecting" will make a few germs realy thrive in all new places to be colonized.
    Allergies will grow big, too !

    All these nifty, useless "mouth-tpweös" are stupid bullshit.

    Now take a closer look at Sweden.

    No lockdown.
    Schools are open.
    And there is no "pandemic-whatever" !

    The TV is liying. Governements are so damn "trustworthy", i know….

  33. The virus is a hoax. No pandemie. A Nato covert action nothing more. Actually everybody should get back to work else we all sink the boat. I prefere to swim!!

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