Chill Beats to Help You Quarantine – Music by ColdFusion

Hope you’re all staying safe out there. Enjoy this mix of my music while I work on more videos.
0:00 Intro (Guitar Jam)
3:14 Does it Get Easier?
5:52 Hide
9:23 Never Lose Sight
13:00 Burning Love
16:27 Butterfly Culture
20:20 I found U
23:19 Call to Earth
27:48 She Shines
31:21 Melbourne
35:15 Miss U
39:28 I Just Want You Close
43:55 Movement
46:50 Trust
50:31 Little Thoughts
53:49 Dreamin’
57:09 Assurance
1:02:05 Stay
1:05:41 Wish You Were Here
1:09:48 Closer
1:13:54 Light Up
1:16:54 Inventor
1:18:48 Sonder [Reprise] 1:22:06 Shelter
1:26:40 Gone For Good
1:30:56 Sonder
1:34:48 Time
1:38:20 So Alive
1:40:00 Bright Eyed Angel
1:44:58 Star Rider

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  1. Your music always gives me the most powerful and emotional feeling of nostalgia. Makes me want to cry tears of joy. No other music has this effect on me.

  2. dude, this is what i need
    thank you so much
    now i can do all of my "homework" with a batter mood and concentration

  3. Thanks for such a superb music. Like many connects I would like to have a audio copy, probably on Spotify

  4. Tks, this helps a lot. Staying home for months changed me a lot. Can't keep my physical health in good shape but still trying. Boredom, laziness and other unhelpful stuff… they get you times like these. Get back to your lifestyle, get back your personal life, good luck guys.

  5. Somehow this makes me happy and sad at the same time, thinking about the "good old time" and great memories at all. This type of music always gets me.

  6. Thank you ColdFusion. You're the best. I'm using this on my second screen to easy my thoughts while writing code. <3

  7. I really hope your channel will grow at this lockdown time.
    As someone interested in IT and entrepreneurship, I subscribed after watching just one video. Great quality content and I'm surprised no one's recommended me this channel earlier.
    When it comes to music, I'm also happy that I get to practise more playing the guitar and piano these days.

  8. I've always admired your intelligent insight in the videos that you usually release, but I truly appreciate what you done with your creativity making the art that you do. Thanks for making these dark times we've been living in a bit more brighter and tranquil!

  9. Please tell me how's this genre of music called? I really want to listen to as beautiful and atmospheric tracks as these ones. And could you also recommend me some similar artists pleease? 🙂 Thank you in advance.

  10. We get to feel small

    from high up above,

    and after a glimpse,

    over the top,

    the rest of the world,

    becomes a gift shop…

    rip gord.

  11. Its 1:35am and I have SO much video-editing to do. I told myself I would come back here when I seen this upload a couple days ago. Now that I know ill be in one spot for a long period of time, I'm here to vibe. Your last study mix is legendary so I was open to trying this one out. I hope it keeps me focused because ill likely be here for another two hours.

  12. Thank you ~ Right On My Time May Peace dwell in our homeward bound soulz, there lays the chance of rebirth.julzify

  13. Dude. You have one of the greatest channels on YouTube. You make the future even more exciting than it already is. Keep at it mate ?

  14. Hi are you still in Perth? WA did very well and will be ease up soon 🙂 Greeting from the one from Melbourne now stuck in Manila..

  15. man i am such fan of your talent both content creation and music….just a question will this mix be on spotify ???

  16. Nice mix!, I love your channel. Didn't expect Hebrew in the songs! – there is some in "Does it Get Easier" 🙂

  17. I feel so much respect for genuine youtubers because of you. Thank you for this mesmerizing work. ?

  18. Hi dagogo, You are one of the most beautiful souls whose energy I can feel even across the globe… I wish world will have more souls like you in future..

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